Our cooling only units will offer you an energy efficient refreshment. Our heat pumps will offer you refreshment in the warmer days and energy efficient heating in the colder days.



Our heat pumps will offer you refreshment in the warmer days and energy efficent heating in the colder days.


Dual discharge flow for better air distribution
Easily washable grille
Purification &photocatalytic deodorising filter
Can be installed against a wall or recessed
Lightweight and compact


Our cooling only units will offer you an energy efficient refreshment.


Blends unobtrusively into any interior
Only suction and discharge grilles are visible
Frees up floor and wall space
Fits flush into each ceiling
Powerful mode for rapid cooling or heating


Lightweight and compact
Easily washable front panel
Air purification and deodorising filter
Energy efficient
Powerful mode for rapid cooling or heating
Automatic air flow director ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution

600x600 Casette

Fits perfect in 60 x 60 tiles
Compact and lightweight
The ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices with false ceilings
Leaves maximum floor and wall space
Air can be discharged in any of 4 directions
Possibility to shut off one or two flaps for installation in corners


Heat Recovery takes out dirty indoor air and pushes in fresh outdoor air in the rooms of your building. Exchanges heat and humidity between supply and exhaust air, which brings outdoor air close to indoor conditions and thus recovers energy loss.

For fresh and conditioned air the HRV technology can be integrated with your air conditioning system. It is available for residential, commercial as well as for VRV systems. Fresh air is supplied without increasing energy consumption. In mid season, when the air conditioning is turned off the ventilation can work independently.


The heat exchange element uses a High Efficiency Paper that has superior moisture-absorption and humidifying properties.

Heat Exchange

The heat exchange between exhaust and supply air is arranged automatically. This results in a considerable energy loss reduction.

Reduced air conditioning load by 28%

Because of the automatic heat exchange there is 28% less load on the air conditioning system. This results in a lighter (thus cheaper) installation.

Reduced energy consumption

The exchange in heat reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system. And in mid-season the ventilation system can work independently and thus replace the air conditioning system.

Heat recovery and ventilation
systems work in two ways:

1. Total Heat Exchange Mode

In total heat exchange mode the ventilator exchanges the heat between the exhaust air (from indoor) and the supply air (from outdoor) by means of a heat exchange element. This avoids cold draught when the outdoor air is colder than the indoor air.

2. Bypass Mode

In bypass mode the ventilator will not exchange heat between exhaust and supply air by means of bypassing the heat exchange element. The outdoor air is brought directly into the room.

Centralised Control

The centralised remote control allows the user to choose a wide range of control systems that integrate air conditioning and ventilation.


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